Niqab, I'm in love.


For the first time I see people with Niqab,
I wonder,
how come they can wear such thing.

Keep wondering.

But now, I realize, they just want to take care of their akhlak.
They want to lower their gaze. Guard their nafs. Take care of their image.

The Niqab can be a good reminder for them.

'When I wear this, means I have to show the best akhlak. I cannot be a fitnah for this deen. I don't wanna bring fitnah into Islam. I have to show my best.'

People wear Niqab not just because of they are too beautiful. 

Not all Niqabist are beauty in term of physically beauty. Tapi untuk jaga pandangan. To lower their gaze. And to save the 'kaum Adam'.

Iyalah. Lelaki, nafsunya pada wanita. Sebab tu Allah suruh lelaki jaga pandangan. 

Kelemahan perempuan ialah aurat, kelemahan lelaki ialah syahwat.

Thats why. If women could help men to lower their gaze, thats already a big effort that will give you a big reward. I mean reward from Allah, if you do it sincerely fillah.

In shaa Allah, dapat bantu lelaki tundukkan pandangan :)

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