He was looking at his friend's facebook profile.

"He's already a rich person now". Just for the sake of telling me, with a kinda regret sound. Perhaps.

"You used to have the same career right? And you quit". I said.

I don't know whether he regretted his action to quit before, but I think most in his heart he kinda grateful, but with a little regret.

He told me, "Yeah, I used to have that career, but I couldn't stand anymore. The job was hard enough for me".

Dude. There's nothing easy.

"There is nothing easy in this world. Working is hard. Studying also hard".

"It's true, but the other reason was.. they were involved in bribery. Playing with girls. Went to disco. They even ask me to join them. Can you stand it?"

"Hmm.. but why don't you find another career according to your degree? You waste your time studying. You take your degree in engineering for granted. You used to be an engineer you know".

"I will. But it's not that easy".

I started thinking. To have career, don't just think about the dunyaa (world). But do think about akheerah (hereafter) too.

Shame on me. I was just thinking on the name. Great name.

"I am an engineer".
So that you can boast.

Life is not about money. Great career. Well-known name.


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